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AuxCortex FAQ

What is AuxCortex?

AuxCortex is an "auxilliary memory cortex" in the cloud where you can store flashcards of your important memories. AuxCortex uses machine learning to predict when you are about to forget a memory, and prompts you to to review it. If your memory took any effort to recall, it will be reinforced. Otherwise AuxCortex learns from your feedback and will try to do better next time. Over time AuxCortex will learn how to help us all learn more in less time, and to retain more for longer.

How do I get started? How do I create a good memory?

A memory is a small bit of information prompted by context. So AuxCortex works best if each memory you create is simple, with as few concepts and names as possible. What relates the new information to what you already know? For each memory, imagine the context when you're most likely to need that information. Then type in your prompt and the memory content, and click the Create Memory button.

Can I share my memories?

AuxCortex is a brand new product, and we don't yet have support for sharing memories.

Can I see a list of my memories, or review a memory early?

AuxCortex tries to predict when you're about to forget a memory, which we believe is the optimal time to review it. If you review a memory too early you're wasting your time because you already know it. Too late, and you'll have forotten it.

In fact, studies have shown that reviewing a memory early and often gives the illusion of reinforcing the memory while not actually doing so. Therefore we believe you will be able to learn more if you wait to review each memory until it is about to fade. To help you do that, AuxCortex does not provide a way for you to list or review memories early.

When I review a memory sometimes I've forgotten part or all of it. Is that okay?

Research shows that even unsuccessful retreival of memories enhances learning. Stop for a moment and review what you forgot, and if possible try to connect it to additional information so that you cement the memory better.

If you remembered most of your memory, select Almost Correct. If you forgot most or all of the memory, select Forgotten. With enough feedback we hope that AuxCortex will eventually learn to send your memories for review right when you're about to forget them.

How do I know if a memory was too easy to recall?

If you were able to recall a memory without putting any effort into it, select Too Easy. Select Correct if it took even a little effort to recall the memory.

AuxCortex says memories are ready to review, but I'm busy. Can it wait?

Absolutely! You can wait until later when you have time to review your memories thoughtfully.

How do I archive or delete a memory?

AuxCortex is a brand new product, and we don't yet have support for archiving or deleting memories. We hope to provide this ability in the near future.

I am not yet 14 years old. Can I use AuxCortex?

Sadly, no. AuxCortex is a new product and we do not yet support the ability for guardians to approve and manage accounts for minors who wish to use AuxCortex.

Can I cheat when I assess how well I remembered something?

Sure, it's your memory, and your self-evaluation, so you can do what you like. But you'll only be hurting yourself. Research shows that honest self-assessment is an important component of successful learning.

Can I use AuxCortex to study a foreign language?

AuxCortex analyzes the text of each memory to try to predict when you will forget it. Right now AuxCortex only understands English. There are many applications specifically tailored to help you learn foriegn languages; we recommend Duolingo.

What research is AuxCortex based upon?

Some core concepts, with references:

For an excellent overview of the science of learning, we highly recommend Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, and Mark A. McDaniel.

Where are the ads?

To preserve your privacy, AuxCortex does not share your information with advertisers. You are the customer, not the product. To support our research and development please upgrade your account in the iOS app to become a subscriber.

What if my question isn't answered here?

For more help, please email our customer support team.